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Childhood Memories at Nantah 南大

I brought the children and my parents to NTU for a leisurely walk on a Friday morning. Mom and dad took photos with their grandchildren and told them all about the old times. What’s even better was we visited the Chinese Heritage Centre (华裔馆). There was an interesting exhibition called ‘Chinese More or Less: An exhibition on Overseas Chinese Identity’ on how the Chinese is viewed and the presence of the Chinese outside China. Find out more here Chinese Heritage Centre What tugged my parents’ heartstrings was an exhibition on the history of Nantah (南大). Mom, seeing photos of her previous tutors, brought back many memories of her university days. Everyone got some sun (and the UV) and was tired but we were grateful for the precious time to bond.

Here are some photos taken by the children:

John took these shots…

Changeable lizard

Fire Ants

Gotcha bird!

Visiting the Chinese Heritage Centre

Original tiles belonging to Nantah

Rebecca took these photos…

Chinese Heritage Centre

Peeping out

I see terapin

Li-Ann took some pictures too…

John and the lamp

Nanyang Lake

Nice door