I Can Do It!

To Love.To Serve.To Lift

Singapore’s Jewels

Hairy crab

The sun shines bright.
Where are we?
Where ash is buried.
Two islands joined to make
Singapore’s only landfill.

Bedford's flatworm

A treasure chest,
Which no pirate has seen.
Not even Blackbeard could find it.


A goby, a crab.
Sea stars and anemones,
Marvellous and precious.

Fan worm

A fan worm, a noble volute,
Cowries and nudibranchs.
Beautiful and weird.

Noble volute

A heron’s call,
Her home beckons,
Little darlings await.


The sun is setting,
Setting on the island,
Shining on the jewels.
The jewels of Semakau.
The jewels of Singapore.


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