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Sermon Reflection – Marks of A Disciple

Reflections on Pastor’s Samuel’s message on 30 January 2011

Marks of A Disciple

Today, Uncle Samuel talked about being a disciple of Christ. He shared three points with us:

1.    Learn God’s Word through studying the Bible
2.    Respond to God’s Word
3.    Practise God’s Word through our actions

When we are disciple of Christ, we will exhibit the following characteristics:

1.    Love one another
2.    Bear fruit
3.    Carry one’s cross and follow Jesus
4.    Abide in God’s Word

Every Sunday, after church service, our family will talk about the message. Today, we talked about how we can be disciples of Christ. My application is: I want to love others more by not being so quick tempered.

I also consider how I can put God’s Word into practice as I do my daily devotions. Today, I read from 2 Chronicles 11-14. I learnt that I must be like King Asa who obeyed God and follow His commands. I hope to be able to do whatever God tells me to do.


One thought on “Sermon Reflection – Marks of A Disciple

  1. way to go John! it’s so precious to read a pre-teen’s thoughts n feelings. bless you!
    aunty jenni ho-huan

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