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Mom Needs My Help

I believe in roping in the children to help in our daily living. One of it is meal preparation. They all begin with cutting the vegetables.

Li-Ann was eager to chip in when she saw what her older siblings were doing. Previously, she would chip in with a butter or paring knife. Recently, I ‘graduated’ her to a bigger and lighter ceramic knife. Continue reading


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COLD!! and YUMMY!!!

Children all love COLD things!!! Here’s LA trying her hand at making some…

I am cutting grapes.

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Mother God.Mother Me


I was asked to share with a group of moms on how I have kept God in focus in spite of the challenges I faced. Having a passion for supporting families, I agreed. I proceeded to prepare as best as I could. I also asked a few friends to pray – most importantly that God should guide my preparation. I hope to remind my fellow sisters-in-Christ what our priorities are and what our attitudes should be when we embrace motherhood (serving our families as well as to bring the mother heart of God to all) – faithfully, joyfully and without complaints.

Our morning picnic at the Botanic Gardens was great! I thank God for the wonderful weather, fabulous food and heartwarming fellowship (there was a birthday celebration for one of the mommies too!). God also provided sacrificial hubbies and kind helpers to see to the children’s needs while the ladies sat at the feet of Jesus to soak in His Word. I am thankful that God gave me just enough time to do whatever I’ve planned. Little did I know that the sharing, while it benefited the women (as they graciously thanked me), was God’s way of reminding me to abide in Him.


EVERYONE had fever. I had a little itchiness and phlegm in my throat.

EVERYONE was lying down. I was the only vertically upright one.

EVERYONE wanted MOMMY. I wanted REST…

I attended to everyone the best that I could, fleeting from one person to another, did the laundry, cooked and washed up, stayed home on Sabbath to take care of them etc. I was doing my best, busy as a bee…


At dinner, CM commented, “Why are you so grumpy?”


That was a hard hit.

Immediately, I knew that my heart was not right.  God then brought to mind what I had encouraged the ladies to do. I had failed miserably! I repented and seek forgiveness. I’m so thankful for the few friends who prayed for me to serve with joy – God has answered your prayers 🙂

I praise God that He was extremely merciful – this tough trial lasted only for one and a half days. I’m so grateful that lots of rest along with the routine of lukewarm baths, drinking plenty of water, gurgling with acidic water and taking of supplements (to strengthen immune system) had helped their bodies fight the virus successfully. Finally, I see more lively vertical beings moving around in the house. Incidentally, I also discovered new ways to take care of more than one patient concurrently. God has His purpose for this illness…

Romans 8.27-28
And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.  And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.


God mothered me – He kept me afloat; He strengthened me physically (somehow I had to attend to non-priority but urgent tasks), mentally and spiritually. He enabled CM to help when he was able so I could take a nap or breather.

As I worked, I badly wanted to stop and rest. Not being able to lie down, I kept asking God: how does one rest in a vertical position?

God said,”Rest in ME.  Remain in ME.”

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Save Your Money.Save The Earth

I must confess I was not someone who cared about our environment. When I was young, stuff like recycling or reusing was virtually rather unheard of. When I started my own family, although we were on one income,  we had no problems paying our utility bills. However, as I am now a mom of 3 and am taking care of the household expenses, I begin to look at ways to do things efficiently so as to keep our utility bills at a manageable level. In the process of teaching my children to give thanks for the world that God had made, I am reminded that we need to be good stewards of our resources. As we recycle and reuse, we cut down the wastage, thereby making better use of what we have and freeing up what we do not need for others. Collectively, we can make a significant difference to the life of our earth.

Below are some learning points I share with the children. I hope you find them helpful too. Please feel free to share yours with me – more brains, more juice, more ideas 🙂

#1 Family Time

With electrical bills going up, I try to get the children or the family to spend time together in one room so that we will have only 1 set of lights and 1 fan on, at least for that period of time. We may read, play board games, play together or watch a good TV program or DVD etc.

#2 Keep Cool

On super hot days, I encourage the children to wear sleeveless tops or singlets, do more  activities in their seats and drink lots of water.

#3 Organise the Plugs

We have MANY plugs in our home, especially behind the TV. As a standby equipment will consume electricity, I decided to reorganise the plugs a little. I put the TV and SCV plugs on the same adaptor and my DVD and amplifier plugs on another adaptor. That way, if I do not need to use the DVD or amplifier, they will not be put into a  standby mode unnecessarily.

#4 Bath Time

We put water into a pail before we shower. I try to make sure I have enough warm water for all the 3 children as they bathe one after another. I teach the children to use only the amount of water they need to wet or rinse themselves and when pouring the water, to do it slowly to avoid too much splashing, hence wasting water, and also to focus on the parts of the body that may still be soapy.

#5 Precious Water

We save the water from hand washing and bathing for the flushing and washing of the toilets. I learn this from a friend who does the same as where she stays, the tax on their utilities are very high.  I find this saves me from much heartache as the younger children may not know when they need to turn off the taps.

#6 Bagging the Trash

On days when I know I may not cook or I will use ingredients with little to throw away or we won’t be home for most parts of the day, I will try to choose the size of the plastic bag according to my needs so that it will be filled up when it is to be thrown away.

#7 Reuse Bags

Whenever the item I buy comes in a plastic bag (eg. rice, bread, fruits, vegetables etc), I will try to use it for trash and not just throw them away. That way I will still throw away that bag along with my thrash thus saving other plastic bags for other uses.

#8 Raw Vitamins

We enjoy meals with fresh raw salads with little or no dressing. I realise with no cooking, preparation is quick, nutritional level  is high, much physical energy is saved and likewise our utility bills.

#9 One-Bowl Meal

As a family, we each have a bowl where we will eat from. We take our seconds from the pots on the stove. Less dishes to wash means less water used and therefore, less energy and time taken up to clean/clear up after each meal. The children are very cooperative coz they don’t enjoy doing the dishes or cleaning up very much. Of course there are occasions, such as Christmas, where we set the table more elaborately.

#10 Stop the Flow

I teach the children to stopper the side sink and fill it with water sufficient for them to rinse the dishes. All food or oil must be removed from the dishes and cutlery before soaping them so that the sink of water is kept relatively clean for a while. If the water is not too dirty, it can be used to rinse the table cloth or  a dirty sink or to fill a pot/tray/jar so that the tougher stains can be washed off easily.