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COLD!! and YUMMY!!!

Children all love COLD things!!! Here’s LA trying her hand at making some…

I am cutting grapes.

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Chicken Pox

Many spots
Small dots
Big pox.

Itch lingers
Scratching fingers
Temptation triggers.

Calming shocks
Making talks
Watching clocks.

Water sips
Cooling dips
Soupy fix.

Fever breaks
Ulcers heal
Soreness flee.

Up again
Smiles to gain
Health regain.


Rebecca says…I Got Chicken Pox
John wrote…Hated Chicken Pox


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BEST Dental Visit

I brought Li-Ann for her usual dental visit at KKH yesterday. It was a different dentist but she, as previous time, went to the chair and sat down and was prepared to be raised up. She looked pretty cool – I was more flustered as we were a little late. The dentist thought she was brave and independent. I had not even warm up my seat when the dentist said, after a quick look at her teeth, “Her teeth are very clean. There’s no need for any cleaning.” I was pleasantly surprised and of course overjoyed that our hard work and perseverance has paid off!

For that 5 minutes on the dentist chair, it was $25 – the cheapest I have paid for her dental checkup. Usually dental expenses are high and subsidies may not be available. In addition, my parking charge was only 93cents – also the cheapest parking rate I’ve ever paid at KKH! I thank God for saving my money and time. So now, I’m even more determined to keep ALL our teeth clean.



I Am a Merlion

I’ve been teaching LA how to spit out water during tooth brushing with not very much success. Somehow, she prefers to swallow than spit out 😦 I am grateful if I see trickles of water coming out of her mouth.  I often wonder: are my instructions unclear? Am I expecting too much from her? What happens if she can’t learn how to spit out water during tooth brushing? Perhaps she didn’t have enough practice…Because of this, I have been reluctant to let her use toothpaste although she had asked for it (because she wanted to be like her siblings). Her dentist at KKH suggested using very little toothpaste each time but wiping it off after that so as to minimise the amount of toothpaste she may ingest. That’s what I’ve been doing on and off.

One evening, as I decided to let her practise spitting out water during her bedtime routine, she suddenly told me,’Mama, see, I can spit out water like the Merlion.’ And she proceeded to spit out ALL the water she put into her mouth – with a good amount of strength. I thought – I must be dreaming…I made her do it again and reminded her to ‘spit out like the Merlion’ and she did!! HURRAY!!! Li-Ann can spit out water now! Another milestone reached!! I didn’t think that such associations would help her. I learnt something new. Now tooth brushing is another activity I will look forward to. Praise God for the Merlion!! With that, there may be hope for her to pass the National Education (NE) test too :-)heeheehee…