I Can Do It!

To Love.To Serve.To Lift

COLD!! and YUMMY!!!

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Children all love COLD things!!! Here’s LA trying her hand at making some…

I am cutting grapes.

cutting kiwi

I am cutting the green kiwi.

spooning kiwi

I am putting the kiwi fruit into the popsicle mould.

spooning blueberry

I am putting the blueberry into the popsicle mould.

having fun

I am saying ‘cheez’.

enjoying my popsicle

I am eating the popsicle.


Author: Apple

HULLO THERE!!! I am a stay home mom and I homeschool my three children. On my blog, I share our homeschooling journey and also how I help my children, especially the youngest, who has Down syndrome, to be as independent as possible.

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