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Part 3: Comforting Hope

I have been thinking a lot since dad passed on.

While morbid thoughts come and go, I do not think they should paralyze me.

After all, there is the life I need to live.

What about the questions I have on death and life and how to go on? Continue reading


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Part 2: Heartbreaking Grief

Dad passed on unexpectedly this year.

The children asked me once, when they saw my reddened eyes, ”Mom, shouldn’t you move on? Grandpa had passed on for a few months now.” While the rational adult in me would quickly agree, the little girl in me can’t. I miss my dad…I really miss my dad…I found the separation unbearable…I wish there is no separation at all…Rebecca had wisely verbalized these same thoughts when my dad was in ICU. She said that she would no longer be able to see 外公(maternal grandpa) smile and would miss the gentle way he talked to them. Rebecca also recalled the twinkle in grandpa’s eyes when he was happy. Yes, there were such times. I remember seeing that in photos dad took with me as a young child…and one which he took with Li-Ann when we went for church camp.

The past months had been tormenting…even now, too, as I write. Everything around me seems to remind me of my dad. Continue reading

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Part 1: A Tribute To My Daddy

Thank you God for my daddy…

       My dad was single-minded about what he wants to do at work. He was serious about the responsibilities given to him and would always do his best.

       He worked hard and was determined not waste his money on frivolities.

    Dad took beautiful pictures, especially the black and white ones when my brother and I were young, which are beautiful memories for us now.

    He would often dry my hair for me, teaching me what to do while ruffling his hands through my hair. I really loved that.

    When I was smaller and lighter, I would often climb onto his lap. Then I got heavier and bigger and had no more opportunities. Continue reading