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A Gathering Of Hearts

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I am so very grateful that the parents could relax a little this year at the Homeschool Sports Day. Thanks to Top Sport Group. You have all made us very happy that day. You have also opened our minds to the various possibilities with our children. And gave me time, freedom and inspiration for this post. GREAT WORK!!

For the past 12 years, I have the privilege of knowing a number of homeschooling moms and their families as I teach my children. It was my wish to capture the ‘together moments’ with all of you at the Sports Day. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do so for one reason or other. But I certainly will look out for future opportunities 🙂

I would like to dedicate this post to…
The wonderful, encouraging & resourceful
homeschool parents & their families

The dynamic, youthful and enterprising Top Sport Group.

Thank you for sharing your lives 🙂

Waiting hearts

Restless hearts


Kindred hearts

Connecting hearts


Grinning hearts

Happy hearts


Blissful hearts

Smiling hearts


Spirited hearts

Confident hearts


Embracing hearts

Endearing hearts


Joyful hearts

Thankful hearts


Composed hearts

Creative hearts


STARry hearts

Cheery hearts


Fervent hearts

Playful hearts


Striving hearts

Winning hearts


Secure hearts

Bonding hearts

Daddy’s heart


One heart

Eager heart


Motivated heart

Courageous heart


Cautious heart

Ready heart


Trying heart

Daring heart


Faithful hearts

Leading hearts


United hearts

Convicted hearts


Read what the children thinks…
Third Homeschool Sports Day
Homeschool Sports Day 2012


Author: Apple

HULLO THERE!!! I am a stay home mom and I homeschool my three children. On my blog, I share our homeschooling journey and also how I help my children, especially the youngest, who has Down syndrome, to be as independent as possible.

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