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Watching Lions XII LIVE

I’m not really a sporty person. Of course, I cannot be a soccer fan. CM and John are the die hard fans of Manchester United. So, John asked to watch a live soccer match for his birthday.  After a long wait, we finally had a chance to watch our first LIVE soccer match when the Lions XII played Malaysia’s PKNS in the Malaysia Cup on 25 August 2012 at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

It was very exciting and we enjoyed every bit of it. I found myself sitting at the edge of my seat especially during many heart-stopping moments. Continue reading


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Feeding Amigo

My church, BPMC, organised an outing to Bukit Batok Park on 20 August. It was a fun morning for us 🙂

While waiting for daddy and kor kor to take their photos and jie jie explored around, LA was having fun with interesting ‘finds’…

Li-Ann loves pretend play. She was in one of the pavilions with me and was breaking dried leaves into smaller pieces and throwing them on the ground, saying that she was feeding. After some time, she said,”I am feeding my fish called Amigo. The rest is called ‘Blah Blah Blah’.” I guided her to draw and write about her play when we came home.

We were in this pavilion, trying to stay out from the hot sun. LA was very observant and noticed a pair of shoes on the ledge. She wondered about it and asked me how should we take them down. Seizing the opportunity to teach her, I quickly began brainstorming with her and encouraged her to consider the feasibility of each suggestion. It was a very interesting session and she came up with quite a number of options. I thought the last one was the best. LA said,”Mama, we can use this umbrella and hook down the shoes (the umbrella has a hooked handle).” What a brilliant idea!!

John LOVES animals and caught this tiny frog. He came and showed us. While the girls and I were curious, our fears got the better of us. Being cautious, we steered clear of their way.

The frog was THAT tiny…it was next to John’s finger.

It’s time to go for lunch! YEA!! We were so hungry. Kind jie jie Becca gave tired LA a ride on her back. Thank you jie jie for loving LA!

Here’s thirsty LA drinking both juices at the same time!! Wonder how it tastes like?

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A Gathering Of Hearts

I am so very grateful that the parents could relax a little this year at the Homeschool Sports Day. Thanks to Top Sport Group. You have all made us very happy that day. You have also opened our minds to the various possibilities with our children. And gave me time, freedom and inspiration for this post. GREAT WORK!!

For the past 12 years, I have the privilege of knowing a number of homeschooling moms and their families as I teach my children. It was my wish to capture the ‘together moments’ with all of you at the Sports Day. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do so for one reason or other. But I certainly will look out for future opportunities 🙂

I would like to dedicate this post to…
The wonderful, encouraging & resourceful
homeschool parents & their families

The dynamic, youthful and enterprising Top Sport Group.

Thank you for sharing your lives 🙂

Waiting hearts

Restless hearts

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