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New Look – Credit Goes To…

Some of you who visited my blog previously will notice my blog’s got a new look. Thought I would try something different and maybe not so boring for me lah…

I was also trying out a new header. Since I could customise it, I decided to pick a nice photo we have. Browsing our files, I saw a ‘Yellow Flower’ folder and decided to check it out. I was pretty impressed with the shots!! I picked my favourite. So what’s on my header is part of that yellow flower photo which John took at home whle exploring with some lighting effects. John claimed he brought it home one day after our morning walk downstairs. Frankly, I don’t remember having seen any yellow flowers.

Rightfully, I should acknowledge my son’s efforts lest I be accused (by CM) of infringing on the ‘copyright law’… so here goes…

Thank you John for that beautifully taken photo of a common yellow flower. I LOVE it!! It brightens up my blog and my day 🙂


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The Blessing Box – August

Want to know how the Blessing Box came about? Read more about it here The Blessing Box – January

* We had an opportunity to visit the Asian Civilization Museum (ACM) with the homeschoolers to learn more about the Adventures of Mulan and also to view the Terracotta Warriors Exhibition. As it was on a weekday, the crowd was much less and it was easier to keep an eye on the children. The children had a great time finding out about Mulan at the hands-on learning area. I thought it was very exciting and wished I were a child just like them. Mr Shawn Guan, who coordinated this activity for us, was very kind to make sure that the children were safe as it could get rather choatic with all that childish fun and enthusiasm. As I had to handle the group of children, Shawn graciously encouraged LA to explore other activities when I told him that LA didn’t like the loud sound of the drum. I appreciate his thoughtfulness and desire that all children should have fun and learn when they are at the museum.

Listening carefully to instructions

Rebecca and Li-Ann

LA and mommy

Posing with Mulan and her family

Princesses or empresses??

Now...playing it softly...

Climbing the 'mountain' like Mulan

Fishing in the ball pool

Trying my hand at archery

Storytelling time

I felt so privileged to go to the Terracotta exhibition to view the actual artefacts, except for one. We happened to be in time for an English guided tour. That gave us a context to the exhibits displayed and helped us to appreciate them better.

FINALLY!!! At the exhibition!

Comb in the shape of an owl

Different currencies

Stone armour

We are in the Emperor's army

An archer

Horse carriage (replica)

* We also celebrated my father-in-law’s 81st birthday in August. It was a wonderful time for the whole family as many relatives came from overseas to join in this celebration. I was grateful to get to know many of these relatives again as we rarely met, let alone keep in touch. In addition, we took this opportunity to teach our children more about the extended family. The children made birthday cards for their grandfather,爷爷。 It was an excellent opportunity for some occupational therapy with Li-Ann as we rolled balls of crepe paper and stuck ribbons. Although her body and fingers were tired, she kept going with my help and promptings.


Happy 81st Birthday Grandpa!

A cake collage for 爷爷's birthday celebration

* Towards the end of August, we were invited to ride with RDA again. This time it’s a term of 10 weeks. We were overjoyed – Li-Ann most of all!! While she still rode on Glow, she had to relate to new friends leading the horse and sidewalking her. I thank God for well-aquainted Glow and at the same time, welcome the challenge of interacting with others who are unfamiliar. YEA!!!

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That Girl Has Down Syndrome

One day when we were in the compound shared by two schools, (one was a school for special needs children), Li-Ann interrupted my conversation with a few moms and said, ‘That girl has Down syndrome.’ Out of curiosity, I turned my head toward the girl LA pointed at, only to see her back. From what I gathered, LA could be right. Subsequently, I saw other children with special needs, including my friend’s son and her husband.

I was amazed at what LA said. It had shown her keen observation skills and wonderful cognitive abilities. She said the same thing when we had a picnic with a few families with Down syndrome children. We told her that she had concluded rightly. At least, I knew that I had not heard her wrongly in the first instance.

As a mom, I asked myself what I had said in her presence to elicit such a remark – such introspection was common ever since I became a mom – I often pray to be a good role model, with God’s help. I don’t recall myself pointing out typical or special needs persons to my children every time, although sometimes it was to confirm my children’s suggestions of certain situation we saw. Frequently, I remind the children that regardless of race, language, religion or abilities, we are to love and accept those around us as God had made them and He loves them too.

Perhaps LA is now more aware of people around her – how they speak and behave, as she has shared her observations with me many times. It can be challenging to respond to her sometimes. Often, I buy time by asking her the 4Ws and 1H questions (half hoping she’ll have the answers, especially if they are obvious), while I quietly but quickly SOS my Heavenly Father for an answer that will be easy for her to understand and at the same time, glorify Him.

I’m praying for a right time to tell LA about herself. I want her to know that although she has Down syndrome, we love her and God loves her and that God will help her rise above her genetic condition to live her life abundantly and with joy.

I thank God for the Hope I have. While Li-Ann may not be typical, she is special to God and us, dearly loved by all (even those whom she has only met briefly – maybe she has the X factor!!) and that God will enable her to glorify Him in His own Time and Way.