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Surfing on the MRT

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It’s been a while since we took the MRT. The children decided to stand between 2 carriages which means there’s more instability and movement. Usually, I would advise against it and insist that we all get seats so everyone’s safe. But I thought it’ll be an excellent opportunity to test Li-Ann’s sense of balance and strength of her back. So I took the risk and went along with it. I just prayed that we would all have a safe ride. I allowed LA to hold one of my fingers just so that she, and I, would feel more secure.

We stood most of the 1 hour journey. LA did well. She stood, legs reasonably apart (I reminded her a few times), imitating her siblings. They all enjoyed themselves, ‘surfing’ on the MRT coz we really felt the train going up and down like waves. It was when Rebecca felt tired and wanted to sit down that all three of them realised their legs needed a rest. That was the end of a wonderful play therapy session 😉


Author: Apple

HULLO THERE!!! I am a stay home mom and I homeschool my three children. On my blog, I share our homeschooling journey and also how I help my children, especially the youngest, who has Down syndrome, to be as independent as possible.

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