I Can Do It!

To Love.To Serve.To Lift


Mother God.Mother Me


I was asked to share with a group of moms on how I have kept God in focus in spite of the challenges I faced. Having a passion for supporting families, I agreed. I proceeded to prepare as best as I could. I also asked a few friends to pray – most importantly that God should guide my preparation. I hope to remind my fellow sisters-in-Christ what our priorities are and what our attitudes should be when we embrace motherhood (serving our families as well as to bring the mother heart of God to all) – faithfully, joyfully and without complaints.

Our morning picnic at the Botanic Gardens was great! I thank God for the wonderful weather, fabulous food and heartwarming fellowship (there was a birthday celebration for one of the mommies too!). God also provided sacrificial hubbies and kind helpers to see to the children’s needs while the ladies sat at the feet of Jesus to soak in His Word. I am thankful that God gave me just enough time to do whatever I’ve planned. Little did I know that the sharing, while it benefited the women (as they graciously thanked me), was God’s way of reminding me to abide in Him.


EVERYONE had fever. I had a little itchiness and phlegm in my throat.

EVERYONE was lying down. I was the only vertically upright one.

EVERYONE wanted MOMMY. I wanted REST…

I attended to everyone the best that I could, fleeting from one person to another, did the laundry, cooked and washed up, stayed home on Sabbath to take care of them etc. I was doing my best, busy as a bee…


At dinner, CM commented, “Why are you so grumpy?”


That was a hard hit.

Immediately, I knew that my heart was not right.  God then brought to mind what I had encouraged the ladies to do. I had failed miserably! I repented and seek forgiveness. I’m so thankful for the few friends who prayed for me to serve with joy – God has answered your prayers 🙂

I praise God that He was extremely merciful – this tough trial lasted only for one and a half days. I’m so grateful that lots of rest along with the routine of lukewarm baths, drinking plenty of water, gurgling with acidic water and taking of supplements (to strengthen immune system) had helped their bodies fight the virus successfully. Finally, I see more lively vertical beings moving around in the house. Incidentally, I also discovered new ways to take care of more than one patient concurrently. God has His purpose for this illness…

Romans 8.27-28
And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.  And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.


God mothered me – He kept me afloat; He strengthened me physically (somehow I had to attend to non-priority but urgent tasks), mentally and spiritually. He enabled CM to help when he was able so I could take a nap or breather.

As I worked, I badly wanted to stop and rest. Not being able to lie down, I kept asking God: how does one rest in a vertical position?

God said,”Rest in ME.  Remain in ME.”


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Discipleship Conference 2011

Dearest Friends,

I would like to personally invite you to a “Go Grow Glow Discipleship Conference”.

My church is organizing this Conference from 12 May (Thursday) to 14 May (Saturday) this year.

We are very privileged to have Rev Dr Stuart Briscoe as our plenary speaker. In this profound and practical series by Rev Briscoe, he takes you deep into a study of the Gospel of Matthew, which walks alongside Jesus and shares not just what He did, but what He told his closest friends about how to live life. Prayer, obedience, finances, and authority are just a few of the topics that this excellent series will touch on. Learn what Jesus expects of His followers in our 21st century culture!

In addition, there will be workshops featuring speakers who are experts in their respective fields.

Please come. And bring a friend too. To sign up, go to Discipleship Conference 2011 or check out this brochure DC Brochure

I look forward to catch up with you during the conference.

In His Love,

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World Down Syndrome Day 2011

World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on 21 March every year.

Li-Ann took some photos. You can view them here My Photos WDD 2011

As I watch this video, I’m grateful for many countries making efforts to help and include Down syndrome children, youth and adults in their society.

May this touch your hearts so you will enable and encourage your friends and families with special needs too.

World Down Syndrome Day 2011

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The Blessing Box – February

To check out how the Blessing Box came about, read my post in The Blessing Box – January

My thanksgiving for February…

* I bought a secondhand set of curriculum to teach Li-Ann word recognition and hopefully later on, writing as well. This lady sold it at a very good price and I’m grateful. A new set would cost many times more. Driving from the west to east on a rainy day was certainly worth it!

* It was a blessing to gather and celebrate the Chinese New Year with our families. The children had great fun playing with their cousins.

* My sister-in-law, upon seeing the blister on Rebecca’s heel, shared about a cream called ‘Foot Glide’ that could help relieve discomfort when wearing new shoes.

* John and Rebecca really enjoyed playing netball with their friends. The kind and encouraging coach, whom they were already familiar with, was very open to them joining the weekly practices. The fees were also very reasonable.

* We had time to catch up with a few families who came back from overseas during CNY. It was a good time of fellowship and the children had a lot of fun taking photos and playing together. For one gathering at my home, I was grateful for hubby, John and Rebecca for helping me clean up after our guests left. The children were excellent in interacting with their friends and making them feel at home, giving the adults time to catch up.

* I was doing sequencing a story with Li-Ann and she wrote ‘1’ by herself in the small box provided. I was so proud of her. Although I wasn’t sure sure if that was a fluke event, I’m thankful she made an attempt. That could be a big step for her.

* I should include this homeschool family that I know even in my January Blessing Box but I forgot (how can I forget??). They are such a wonderful wonderful family. I’m really grateful to the wife who loves me a lot and is always praying (together with her hubby and family) and looking out for me. While her four children are older than mine, they enjoy my children and my children LOVE (wish I can think of an even better word than ‘love’) to spend time with them at their place. We are always so so blessed every time we spent time with them. Today, at their place, I learnt how to make home make fish cake. Really itching to try that out before I forget 🙂

* One day, Rebecca took an extra big square exercise book and got Li-Ann to join the dots to form the number ‘1’. Then she got LA to write the number ‘1’ at least 15 times! And little LA, being the student in the Rebecca’s class, obeyed. WOW!! The power of play and good sibling relationships. I’m certainly overjoyed to see what LA can be motivated to do. Perhaps, through Teacher Rebecca, A* Student LA can learn other numbers and alphabets too. Praise the Lord!


My Pororo

Now that Li-Ann can use the fork and spoon together when she eats on a plate, I decided to teach her how to use the chopsticks. I used to have a pair of training chopsticks I bought for John from Guardian but it’s not working too well so I gave it away and so had hunt for a new one.

I must say that there are so MANY out there now and they are EXPENSIVE!! I found out it’s probably because of copyright issues as characters like ‘Hello Kitty’ and ‘Mickey Mouse’ etc are used. After a LONG search, I found a reasonably priced one at one of the shops in International Plaza – a place we never go but I decided to shop there for a change. I bought 2 pairs at $18.90. One is for stage 1 and the other for stage 2. So both the girls are using it now. Rebecca can have more practice to refine her skills a little while LA enjoys her Pororo chopsticks – quite a tongue twister but LA can say it!! She talks to Pororo and helps it pick up the food. So funny…Thankfully, there’s no copyright so this set is not expensive. I also found out that Carrefour at Suntec sells them. The prices are good. If you are thinking of getting only one pair, it is sold at $10.90. Do check if it’s for left or right-handers. Some cartoon characters may not have a model for left-handers.

A friend shared that this online website sells the chopsticks at only $8!! Do check it out Milagro Trading Store

Eating with my Pororo

Our 'equipment'

Hey! Don't eat my Pororo!!