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Eating Cherries – Pitted or Whole

We eat cherries once in a super long while because they are expensive fruits. The last time we ate some cherries was about half a year ago.

Usually, I would remove the seed before I give the cherry to Li-Ann. Remembering my goal of encouraging LA to eat a cherry independently, I gave her one and told her how to eat it, “Take off the stem. Eat the flesh and spit out the seed. Look at how Jie Jie eats the cherry.” I knew I was not very specific in my instructions but I decided to give it a shot anyway. I recall vaguely that she spat out one seed coated with quite a bit of flesh and subsequently swallowed a few more. Then she gave up eating on her own and persuaded me to give her a pitted cherry instead.

Recently, our neighbour blessed us with some handpicked cherries from Australia. I was grateful for another opportunity to check on LA’s ability. She eyed the cherries like a hawk even before she finished her lunch. Cashing on her motivation, I gave her a cherry and the same instructions and watched. She ate up all the flesh and spat out a clean seed rather quickly!

“Good Job!” I applauded.

Then, she spat out the second seed which had a small lump of flesh on it.

“Very good! Try again.” I said, keeping my hopes high while handing her another cherry.

The third and fourth cherries were eaten whole. When I asked her where is the seed, she said, “There is no seed!” What defense!! Only the Creator knows if there are seedless ones in our bag of cherries. I really doubt it.

As I reminded her of the instructions, she was able to spit out another relatively clean seed. I was so thrilled with her progress as that required good oral motor and cognitive abilities. At least this time, she didn’t give up and even asked me for more cherries.

Two days later when we ate cherries again, she held each cherry, ate half of it, spat out the seed and then finished the rest of the flesh. Excellent problem solving there! And she had 15 cherries within the 10 minutes of therapy.

I believe Li-Ann will master the skill of eating cherries very soon! Thank you for praying for her.


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Follow The Leader

We love to go cycling as a family. As Li-Ann still can’t cycle, she has a special seat just behind daddy. Last year, it was really encouraging when Rebecca, having better stamina, could cycle longer distances. We then began to bike more frequently and further.

Wherever we go, daddy will lead the way, followed by John, Rebecca and then myself. I thought God is really teaching me what it means to follow my leader:

*There’s an appropriate time to question. I realise that even when I’m wondering why CM takes this turn or that, I may not be able to voice them immediately. It will be disruptive to stop too many times too. Subsequently, when CM stops to rest, I will have a chance to share my thoughts with him. Until then, it’s best to…

*Follow the leader and trust that he knows which is the best route. This is a real test for me. Surprisingly, for someone who is all for open communication, I’ve come to appreciate the time alone and silence when we bike in single file. As in Ecclesiastes 3:7b, truly, there is

a time to be silent and a time to speak

*Look out for the children. Being right behind, I can see how the children are coping and will encourage them, especially Rebecca, when required. I would do that, especially when we meet with slopes or approach road junctions. I will get nearer to Rebecca, prep her ahead of time and tell her what to do. I will also alert John when he’s a little too slow and Rebecca is too close behind him. Once, I spotted LA’s seat belt loosening and warned daddy about it. I thank God for the strength to keep the children and myself going.

*Only unity moves. Unless we co-operate and unite our efforts, our ride will be laborious and unhappy. We will neither enjoy one another nor our journey. I am reminded of the oneness of the first Christians in Acts 4.32a

All the believers were one in heart and mind.

We probably will ride our bikes together often – giving thanks for our family togetherness, the plants and animals He made, the exercise we get and also for the safe neighbourhood and country He has given us. Now, we only hope that Li-Ann can learn to cycle soon, before she’s too big for the seat on daddy’s bike. Will you pray along with us for her?

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Just before the year ended, we had an opportunity to go for a firefly tour in Malaysia. Except for my hubby, we have never seen fireflies before. This trip proved to be very educational and enriching for us. I marvelled at how God created these wonderful creatures. So I urged the children to pen their thoughts and also do some research on fireflies. You can read about them in John’s Creation and Rebecca’s Gems.

I, too, was inspired by these little beetles – yes, John told me they are not flies, they are beetles. Perhaps this may be a good way to begin 2011, an extension and reminder of my learning from the church camp – a perspective on Light…


Christmas lights
Nice and bright
Amazing! Fireflies!

Blinking lights
Nice and bright
Awesome! Starry night!

Twinkling lights
Nice and bright
Dazed! Delightful eyes!

Heavenly Light
Glorious Sight
Jesus! Saviour Right!