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Having attended a couple of sessions on public speaking conducted by The Institute for Cultural Communicators, John and Rebecca enjoyed it tremendously. Recently, we got together with another 2 families so all our children can learn more about public speaking and put into practice their public speaking skills.

Our last session had an activity that required each child to tear or fold a piece of paper and then talk about it. Little LA was given a piece of paper too. She tore out little pieces and then started folding them up – kind of like those you draw lots with. She did tell me a little about them when I asked her. Then everyone started to talk about his/her own ‘masterpiece’. I decided to prompt LA about her folded paper.

‘What is that?’ I asked pointing to her folded paper.

‘Aeroplane,’ replied LA.

‘What can your aeroplane do?’ I asked again.

‘Fly,’ answered LA.

‘Would you like to fly your plane to kor kor?’ I suggested.

She threw the paper at John who was just in front of her. WOW!! I thought that was WONDERFUL!!! I wasn’t expecting her to say anything. That was her first public speaking experience!! When the others did their first recitations and I encouraged her to say what we had rehearsed, she refused. It was such a pleasant surprise and I’m so excited – that meant she CAN do it if she wants to. Praise the Lord!!

PS. You can find out more about The Institute for Cultural Communicators here http://www.instituteforculturalcommunicators.org/


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HULLO THERE!!! I am a stay home mom and I homeschool my three children. On my blog, I share our homeschooling journey and also how I help my children, especially the youngest, who has Down syndrome, to be as independent as possible.

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