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‘I Want To Do It Myself!’

There are a number of times when I hear Li-Ann going into the toilet by herself and instinctively I will rush to the bathroom to see what’s going on-just to make sure she didn’t mess up anything. There, I see her seated on the toilet bowl urinating, after taking off her panties and shorts and putting them outside the bathroom. She also tries to fold and tear the toilet paper herself. Giving her a BIG hug and kiss, I encouraged her,’Clever girl Li-Ann!’.

I’ve been praying about toilet training LA for some time. I prepared her by telling her all the reasons why we should poo and pee on the toilet bowl and even taught her how to wipe herself. However, she has not been consistent in spontaneously communicating to us that she needs to relieve herself. So we have been tirelessly asking her ‘Do you need to use the bathroom?’ now and then and faithfully bringing her to the bathroom regularly. I have tried setting the alarm, telling her to listen out for it and then go use the bathroom herself when she hears the alarm go off. I’m so so grateful that she is now aware of the signals of her body and knows exactly what to do. She would even loudly decline our help,’Don’t mommy! I want to do it myself!’ She began by telling of her need and not wetting herself at the ARISE! rehearsals. Then another day at a friend’s home, she told us a number of times, within an hour and a half, that she needed to use the bathroom. Out of those times, she passed motion twice and urinated another couple of times. We then realised she had diarrhoea and remembered she had complained that her tummy was painful earlier on in the day.  What a breakthrough!!! I was so happy to see her being able to control her bowels.

Nowadays, we will still ask her the VERY IMPORTANT question sometimes but we take more risk by waiting for her to tell us when she needs to go. We are praying and trusting God for 100% consistency and accuracy.

I thank God that Li-Ann has achieved another important milestone in her development.




A friend told me about a youth worship team that was recruiting children into the ARISE! choir a few months back. I checked out their website http://www.arise-praiseandworship.com/events_arise.htm and viewed the video and thought it was a wonderful way for the children to worship the Lord. I asked John. He was reluctant as he didn’t think he could sing well. Rebecca was extremely enthusiastic as she LOVES to sing and dance. Li-Ann didn’t look like she was motivated at all.

I brought Rebecca for the first rehearsal and she enjoyed it very much. I was very grateful for the organisers encouraging the children not only to praise God but also to listen to Him. The children were also taught the Word and some memorization of the Scripture. Afterall, our relationship with God is a two-way communication. The youth were involved to teach and guide the younger ones too. I could see that while they made it fun for the children, they would also handle children with behavourial issues sensitively. When I spoke to one of the ladies about LA, she encouraged me to bring LA, saying we do not know how God  can work. I really appreciated her acceptance and kindness. I told myself I must bring the whole family for the second rehearsal.

Rebecca continued to learn the songs and actions quickly. John preferred to take photos of the participants in action and the organisers graciously allowed him to serve God in this way too. During the second session, Little LA sat for quite a long time, observing Rebecca and the other children in action and only did one simple action which she could do at the end of that rehearsal. What’s best was LA spoke to one jie jie and allowed this jie jie to pray over her. It was such a beautiful sight to behold. I thank God for LA’s growth and maturity that she was not fearful to speak with others whom she intuitively knew were kind and would accept her.

Subsequently, we listened umpteen times to the CD of the songs to be sung and the children, yes even John, practised the actions at home. With every rehearsal, LA made improvements. She is very independent now and knows what’s expected of her. Now, she can identify the titles of many of the songs, knows most of the lyrics and is willing to do the actions, whether at home (even in the toilet) or with the choir. I never get them to practise (no time); I only play the CD for them in the car. Once, I convinced LA to teach her Occupational Therapist the actions for one of the songs and she agreed. She was very eager and I must say she did very well. She was very very cute; while we followed her actions, both of us were trying hard to hide our sniggers. The children have also impressed me with how they loved and looked out for one another when I was unable to stay with them for some of the rehearsals and other mothers have commended them as well. I thank God for teaching and loving them. John took a video of the girls during one of the rehearsals and you can view it below. Credit goes to daddy for helping to put the video up so we can share this with you.

All of us are working towards 22 August (Sunday). It is my prayer that you will come and join us in this event – to know and experience the God Almighty who loves us and gives us His peace. I also pray that you will come and be encouraged by what God has enabled little LA to do. I know I will be too when I am there with them that day. To me, this is a miracle.

So ARISE! Come! Expect to be touched by the Lord!

Find out more and get your tickets here http://www.arise-praiseandworship.com/events_arise.htm

ARISE! Video

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Having attended a couple of sessions on public speaking conducted by The Institute for Cultural Communicators, John and Rebecca enjoyed it tremendously. Recently, we got together with another 2 families so all our children can learn more about public speaking and put into practice their public speaking skills.

Our last session had an activity that required each child to tear or fold a piece of paper and then talk about it. Little LA was given a piece of paper too. She tore out little pieces and then started folding them up – kind of like those you draw lots with. She did tell me a little about them when I asked her. Then everyone started to talk about his/her own ‘masterpiece’. I decided to prompt LA about her folded paper.

‘What is that?’ I asked pointing to her folded paper.

‘Aeroplane,’ replied LA.

‘What can your aeroplane do?’ I asked again.

‘Fly,’ answered LA.

‘Would you like to fly your plane to kor kor?’ I suggested.

She threw the paper at John who was just in front of her. WOW!! I thought that was WONDERFUL!!! I wasn’t expecting her to say anything. That was her first public speaking experience!! When the others did their first recitations and I encouraged her to say what we had rehearsed, she refused. It was such a pleasant surprise and I’m so excited – that meant she CAN do it if she wants to. Praise the Lord!!

PS. You can find out more about The Institute for Cultural Communicators here http://www.instituteforculturalcommunicators.org/