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Wonderful Doctors

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Have you met good, kind and personable doctors? Do you know doctors who notice the change in your glasses, hairstyle or even a hoarseness in your voice when the last time you saw them was almost 12 months ago? How about one who shares with you about his grandchildren and even keeps a drawing your child gave him a year ago? What do you do with these wonderful souls? I can’t stop giving thanks for them. I praise my God for them.

I’m so so blessed to have known such excellent doctors. God provided me with them 4 years ago to make my breast cancer treatment more tolerable. While I wholeheartedly agree with the proverb ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ (I’m not siding with the fruit just because that’s my name), I secretly wish I can skip the fruit and see more of my doctors. Till this day, I’m very grateful to the friend who, when I was considering where I should seek treatment, encouraged me to find a doctor whom I can communicate with and who value me not only as a patient, but also a woman who seek help and hope so that she can continue to fulfill her role normally as a wife, mother and daughter.

Thank you, my dear doctors, my dear friends.

I continue to pray for God’s showers of blessings on you and your families. May you see the work of His Hands and experience His Power of salvation in your lives.

PS. Just in case you think I’m biased, I’m not the only one who thinks these doctors of mine are wonderful. I’ve met patients of these doctors who had so many good things to say about them. Recently, I met a doctor friend who knows ALL my doctors and have worked with them and she agrees with me that they are superb. However, she lamented that there are not many of such doctors left in the public sector. I can only thank God for His Favour – I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I have the most wonderful doctors in the world!!


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HULLO THERE!!! I am a stay home mom and I homeschool my three children. On my blog, I share our homeschooling journey and also how I help my children, especially the youngest, who has Down syndrome, to be as independent as possible.

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