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Learning to Read

I have been teaching Li-Ann to read. When she was younger, I tried a little of Glenn Doman. I wasn’t very successful. Maybe I didn’t do it properly or I took too long per try. I shelved that for a while.

This year, I tried to get Li-Ann to recognise her own names and also all our names and some common words using matching of words. She did very well  – she was able to match and recognise the words!! I was amazed at her progress, in spite of my inconsistencies. I thought I found THE way to teach her to read but she got bored 😦 So I’ve left that too.

We’ve been reading to her and also highlighting words to her etc but somehow she still prefers the pictures to the words. Which is not a bad thing because she has been telling us about the pictures. This morning as I read her the Toddler’s Bible, I drew her attention to the title of each story, pointing out each word as I go along. I decided to emphasize on the word ‘God’ (this is a word she had successfully matched previously), spelling out the word for her. After I read each page (total of 4 pages for each story), I asked her to point to me the word ‘God’. And she did!! I thought it was fluke the first time so I got her to do it for a few more times (over 3 stories) and she managed!! I saw the emergence of transfer – she was able to recognise the word in a different font size. Looks like I can stick to this method for a while. 😀



My Family

I’m married to a very understanding and supportive husband, Chee Meng. Chee Meng is a very family oriented hubby who will help me out when I’m busy or tired. At times, he’ll help me take care of the children while I take some time off to meet my friends. Our children, John, Rebecca and Li-Ann LOVE their daddy A LOT!! They will yell out whenever they hear his key turn the lock. They will give thanks when he’s home. They will want to spend time with daddy. While at times I’m envious of the attention they give their father, I’m also extremely grateful for such a good relationship they have with him. We love to spend time together as a family. 🙂