I Can Do It!

To Love.To Serve.To Lift

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I begin 2015 remembering God’s goodness as He blesses me with relationships that have drawn me nearer to His heart. Thank you God!

(for a special sister)

A genuine passion
A higher calling
A divine appointment

Selfless love

Amazing acceptance

Willing hands

Kindred hearts
Lifting always
Dear ones in prayer
In thanksgiving
In joy
In the Lord

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Mom Needs My Help

I believe in roping in the children to help in our daily living. One of it is meal preparation. They all begin with cutting the vegetables.

Li-Ann was eager to chip in when she saw what her older siblings were doing. Previously, she would chip in with a butter or paring knife. Recently, I ‘graduated’ her to a bigger and lighter ceramic knife. Continue reading

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I LOVE Prawns!

LA simply love prawns. We will usually get rid of the shell for her. One day when we were eating out, she decided to get the flesh out for herself. I was amazed that she got the whole prawn out without using her hands! The tail part of the shell still remained intact! YEA!!! She got her yummy prawn!!

See the clean tail part of the prawn there?

See the clean tail part of the prawn there?

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Shower Power

Usually when Li-Ann goes swimming, either Rebecca or I will be with her to offer any help to shower and change. On one occasion, Rebecca and I had to attend a talk and only daddy and John will be with her. It certainly would not be appropriate for either of them to bring her into the Gents changing room. I was praying really hard for a way out!! Continue reading


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